Basketball sports bets

The NBA holds no more secrets for you? You're impressed by Kobe Bryant's spectacular gaming skills and you like watching a thrilling match? Then join us in a world of rebounds, counters en hoops to win your sports bets.

Do you love the atmosphere of a basketball match?

Ten players on the field and a frenzied crowd cheering them on. Men and women moving to the rhythm of the lay-ups, smashes and dunks or holding their breath for a spectacular NBA buzzer beater! You are fascinated by the team spirit and the drive to win the match time and again? Then push your own boundaries and win big thanks to your passion for basketball! The cheerleaders will root for your favourite team and help you to predict whether LeBron James, Hervelle or Rubio will be the star of the game.

From the dribbling of the Portuguese Lions to the decisive moments in the NBA: place your bets!

Immerse yourself completely in the atmosphere of Liege Basket, the New York Knicks, Spirou Basket or the Euro Challenge and bet! The baskets succeed one another and you are on the edge of your seat to watch the dribbles go by. Your passion for the sport will guide you to predict the rebounds and decisive passes; victory on the floor will be yours! Turn your detailed competition knowledge into cash on and continue winning right up to the last second of the game!

Your basketball knowledge will make all the difference for your bets!

Winning a basketball match doesn't happen by chance; neither does making the right prediction! Your talent and some basketball insights are required! You are completely up to speed about the three-pointers of Ray Allen and the blocks of Serge Ibaka? You know who scored the most points during the latest match? Or which teams will meet next, who is the home team and what is at stake? Thanks to your proficient knowledge you can adapt your strategy according to the bet you place!

How do you bet on basketball without being a professional player?

Nothing is definite in a basketball game. Betting on the winner is easy but betting on the best shooter, the number of points or the final score not so much. On you can bet on the NBA but you can also try your luck with the European championships such as the PRO A. This legendary sport is simply waiting for your predictions!

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