Football sports betting

Are you fascinated by the green turf? Does football run through your veins? Do you join in the national and international enthusiasm this sport attracts? Then, as an undeniable fan of football matches, the different encounters and various possibilities of sports betting, you will surely enjoy following the matches and betting on them on!

Your knowledge of football will make all the difference to your bets!

Your evenings aren’t complete until you have watched a match of the German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French or Italian championships? Then go for the win and place your best bet on! Winning a football match isn't a matter of chance, nor is making a good prediction! Your talent and sports knowledge are essential! Which players were injured in the latest training session? Which have been suspended or risk being so? Who will be placed in offence and defence? Which tactics will the coach use? Your knowledge of the game and the teams will make the difference in the Jupiler League as you know all the best moves!

80 championships, your skills and the possibility of multiple bets!

The headers, the penalties and the free kicks during the international tournaments and European cups have no secrets for you? You trust your intuition and you have an excellent player knowledge, especially when it comes to the Bundesliga and the First Division? Then trust your gut and use it to bet on! On our sports betting page you can bet on more than 80 championships such as the Champions League or the World Cup! Be the first to bet on a Premier League, Calcio or La Liga match and watch your favourite team triumph.

How do you bet on football when you're not a professional player?

You can bet on who will score the first and last goal. You can also try to predict the half-time or final results, or even the quarter in which the first goal will be scored. It's up to you to choose which bet will give you the best chance to win!

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