Responsible gaming

The recent regulation of online gaming in Portugal allows for the exploration and practice of such activities, with the necessary protection and legal framework that is given both to the operators and the players.

What is Responsible Gaming?

The Responsible Gaming is associated with the behavior of players that guides their game options consciously and rationally, exerting full control of time and money that they can consciously spend, without jeopardizing their family, social and professional responsibilities.

The game should be seen as a leisure activity and entertainment whatever way it is played online or in casinos and bingo halls (land based gaming).

In situations where the player does not present these values and principles and does not act in accordance with them, the game can generate harmful effects, affecting players with repercussions in the social environment in which they live and can lead to extreme situations of excessive gambling and unregulated and addictive behaviors and practices.

Gaming should be an activity that provides joy and fun allowing players to enjoy its entertainment component.

In order for gaming not to become a problem, the Responsible Player should keep in mind that:

  • Gaming is not a mean of obtaining income nor a way of life, since the results depend on luck and therefore the player can both earn and lose.
  • The player must only spend with the game the amount that he can reasonably afford, in order to not neglect his financial obligations.
  • Before beginning to play, it is advisable to set limits for the amount of bets and the amounts deposited in the respective player account, depending on the specific situation of each player and the amounts he is able to provide. Likewise, the player should set time limits for playing.
  • Never play to recover losses and always bear in mind that do it so may aggravate them even further.
  • Gaming fails to respond satisfactorily to the needs of escaping problems and difficulties of everyday life, not playing with this in mind, can easily lead the player to fall into excessive and unconscious practices that may lead to addiction.
  • Do not play if you are under the influence of substances which prevent or hinder the free self-determination, undermine the will and weaken the accountability for your actions.

Face gaming as a fun and safe activity and enjoy its recreational aspect. Do not adopt behaviors that can lead gaming to become a problem, often difficult to overcome and with irreversible effects.