Online slot machines

Slot machines are by far the most popular games in a casino. Don’t hesitate any longer and enjoy them online as well! Spin the wheels and make as many winning combinations as possible. Thanks to the bonus symbols you can easily increase your chances of winning. Our slot machines offer you various fun bonus games and numerous free spins.

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The game characters on our wide range of slot machines are thrilled to play with you: the adventurous Farah, the great Poseidon, BoostRacers Bond Girl, our clairvoyant Mystic and many more... Meet them all and keep an eye on all the new releases.

The purpose of the game is to place as many identical symbols on the predefined paylines. The symbols are on a series of wheels which spin and then stop top make winning combinations.

The bonus symbols, the mini games and the free spins will help you to significantly increase your chances of winning.

The paytable provides an overview of the possible combinations and the characteristics of each symbol.
Click the ‘?’ button to read the rules of the game.

Before you get started, determine your stake with the buttons - and +. Once you’ve done that, you can start the game by clicking the button SPIN.

Some useful terminology

  • Bonus: obtained when you manage to align 3 bonus symbols. In some slots this is a mini game, in others you’ll receive a number of free spins. The bonus helps you to boost your winnings.
  • Wild: a symbol which replaces all other symbols in order to improve your chances of getting a winning combination.
  • Multiplier: a bonus benefit which multiplies your winnings with the indicated number.
  • Free Spin: a free turn which is played automatically and linked to your last paying spin.

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