Poker Omaha

Omaha Basic Rules

1. Every player is dealt four cards face down (unlike Texas Hold'em, where players are only dealt two cards).

2. Once players have their four hole cards and bets are made, five community cards are dealt, which are available for everyone to see and will be used to complete their best five-card hand.

3. The gameplay is exactly the same as in Texas Hold’em: three cards are dealt on the flop, one card is dealt on the turn and the final card is dealt on the river. On every street, there is a round of betting and players who call the highest bet in each round will keep playing on the next street.

4. Players must use exactly two of their four hole cards plus three of the community cards to make the best five-card hand possible.

Example: Your hole cards are Q♥, Q♠, Q♦, K♣ and the board shows 9♦, 9♥, 4♠, 6♣, 2♥. Since you can only use two of the Queens you have in your hole cards, your best possible five-card hand is two pairs - a pair of Queens, a pair of Nines and the Six on the board is used as the fifth card (kicker).

For more information about how to play Omaha, please check our Poker Rules section.